Why Your Business Needs a Copywriter

Do you need a copywriter

Just as you are an expert in your business, copywriters are experts when it comes to words. More importantly, copywriters are experts when it comes to finding the right words to help you promote your business online.

Copywriters work with people who have expertise in all sorts of different areas. Because of this, they are experienced in finding creative ways to make your business sound interesting while helping you stand out as an expert. This is one way good copywriting can help draw attention to your website and the valuable work you do.

Sometimes being an expert in your area can actually hurt the way you write. You are familiar with all of the jargon you use in your business. Your customers likely are not. Copywriters can be especially helpful when it comes to taking useful information–even when it’s complicated–and simplifying it so that your next door neighbour, or even your gran, would understand what you are saying.

Copywriters are also quite persuasive in their writing and understand that a heavy sales pitch isn’t needed. In fact, it can be quite the turn off. Rather, experienced copywriters use language to their advantage, helping to move potential customers through the sales funnel without making them feel pressured.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation can be tricky for some, and they’re certainly not things you should have to worry about when running your business. That said, these are all things that represent who you are professionally, especially on your website. A copywriter will ensure the material they write not only meets the bill for you, but also for Google and your readers. Good grammar is essential for SEO.

No matter how much you hustle, reaching your customer base can be a challenge. Copywriters make it their job to reach your target audience with everything they write. When it comes to your website, this means bringing in more traffic from Google and social media organically, which gives you a better opportunity of turning casual browsers into clients.

Speaking of Google, Google is one of the best ways to find new customers. But there is a lot of science behind how Google works, also known as the algorithm. Just like you’re an expert in your business, copywriters make it their job to understand the search engine changes constantly happening behind the scenes. This ensures you’re producing optimised content and SEO to improve your site and visibility.

Copywriters produce content for real people and not just for websites and search engines. They know that people have limited attention spans and generally want quick bits of information to help answer their questions. But there are times when they may want to dig more deeply into a subject. So how do you know when to write a little versus a lot? That’s where a copywriter comes in. Copywriters know how to vary the length and types of the information you’re sharing to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Copywriting takes on many different forms, as well. From websites and blog posts to infographics and photography, a copywriter can write one longer piece and then break it down to spread it across the different tools you use to communicate with your customers. This gives everyone an opportunity to get the information you’re providing in the way they most want to receive it. It’s a win-win for everyone.

In short, hiring a copywriter means hiring someone who knows how to capture the essence of your business while positioning you for success. NPS offers copywriting services to suit every business and budget, ensuring your website and social media pages stand out above the rest. Contact us today to learn more.

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